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Samuel “Tim” Mcgraw is a singer, song writer and also an actor.  He was born back in May 1, 1967 and is married to American Diva, Faith Hill.  His father is a famous baseball player, Tug Mcgraw, who died from cancer in 2004.

He started his career with Curb records in 1990, wherein he gave a copy of the record to his father.  One day, a man who was passing by heard the record and recommended him to Curb Records executives.  Several weeks have passed and his career as a singer started with Curb Records.  Since that day, he went on to create fourteen studio albums (eleven for Curb records and three for Big Machines).  He had made a name for himself in the music industry because of the 10 albums that reached the number 1 status on the top country album charts.

He has ventured into acting and landed a few movies in his name.  One movie is with Sandra Bullock (Blind Side) and other movies, which enable him to work with actors like Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon.   In 2006, he got a leading role in the movie Flicka, wherein he is the father and his co-starts were Alissa Lohman and Maria Belo.  He got known for his acting prowess and even received his own star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Ticket Prices

If you want to hear him sing, you need to avail of the tickets for his concerts.  With his popularity soaring, people are on the lookout for his ticket that would enable them to watch his concerts this 2017.  The price range for the tickets are from $84 to $5197, which are sold on several websites, which includes TicketNetOnline that makes money selling different tickets.   Below are guides to his concerts as there would be several of those that would take place in different location this 2017.

Short Bio

Samuel Timothy Mcgraw was the son of Elizabeth “Betty” Ann D’Agostino, a waitress, and Frank Edwin “Tug” McGraw Jr, baseball player.  Tim came from a mixed race since her mother is an English, Scottish, Swiss, Dutch, Czech, while his father has a German descent.  Tug was a star pitcher and he met his partner in an apartment just above his unit.  The two got into a relationship and eventually, Betty become pregnant, her parent believe that it would better if Betty would go in a faraway place as they don’t believe that Tug would be a good parent.

Since then, Tim never realized that his father is not his real father as he was introduced to the world with a different parent. He believe that his father, Horace Smith is actually his father.  His last name was Smith since his stepfather married his mother and he was already 11 by the time that he realized that Horace was not his real father.   It happen right after Christmas as he was searching his mother’s closet for some Christmas present.  What he found is not a Christmas present, but something that would change his life as long as he lives.   There he discovered his birth certificate indicating his real father.  He was shocked, but eventually he come to his senses and began accepting that Horace wasn’t his real father.

He told his mother what he had discovered, her mother hesitated at first to say who his real father is, but at the end, he revealed the secret.   It was hard to accept, but eventually Tim accepted the truth and his mother decided to take him to Tug Mcgraw.  Tug can’t accept someone who he has never seen for 11 years as his son.  It was hard on him as he never even know that he have a son with her former girlfriend.  For seven years Tug denied him, but as Tim grows, Tug realized that he look the same way when he was 18 years old.  Finally, he accepted Tim and the two become close since and have stayed close since until the old man died in 2004.

Tim wasn’t aware that his father was a professional baseball player since Tug never even said something about his job.  But, Tim was interested in competitive sports such as baseball, and other hardcore sports.  He was able to attend college at Northeast Louisiana University because he became a varsity for the school.   Since then, the school change its name to University of Louisiana, which is located at Monroe.  There he was part of a fraternity and has become a valued member of the said fraternity ever since.   He would have been a professional baseball player just like his father, but a knee accident made it all impossible.  It was then that he decided to drop out of college as he moves to Nashville.  College was one of the best thing that could happen to him since it was then that he learned how to play a guitar.

In 1987, he and his mother moves back to Jacksonville Florida.  He attended Florida Community College to continue his study, but in 1989, he dropped out of college to pursue a singing career.

Top 5 Concerts

It was in 2011, when he joined forces with Band Perry and Luke Bryan wherein they did the Emotional Traffic Tour.   Emotional Traffic was the eleventh studio album for Tim Mcgraw. It is also the last album that was released under Curbs Records.  During that time, Tim got a suit from the record company for breaching contract.  Mcgraw retaliated and filed a countersuit against them seeking an advance payment.  The trial was scheduled to take place in 2012.  In November 2011, Tim seek the service of a judge to be able to record his music with another label.   That was the end of his contract with Curb Records.

In 2012, he goes on a concert with fellow musician Kenny Chesney as they did the Brothers of Sun Tour.  The tour was held in 22 different cities in the United States.  It began in Raymond Stadium at Tampa Florida and ended in Gillette Stadium at Foxboro Massachusetts.  The tour earn them $96 million in ticket sales.  The promotion started in November 2011, when it was announce that the two would join forces to do a concert tour all over the United States.   It wasn’t the first tour that they did together since they have work together back in 2001, wherein they did sang at the George Strait Country Music Fest.

In 2013, he went on a tour for his twelfth album, which was entitled Two Lanes of Freedom, thus the name was use in the tour.  It was the first album that he did with Big Machine Record as it follows his 20 years of working with Curb Record.    The album was an instant hit as it manage to sell around 107 thousand of copies by its first week alone.  It started in Birmingham AL and it continues on with 30 other cities in the United States.  It was truly a successful tour as he has proven again the he is one of the biggest country star singers.

In 2014, he announces his thirteenth album and his upcoming tour, the Sundown Heaven Town Tour.   The tour started in May 9 and lasted till November 8. The album got released in September 2014, but the tour was earlier than that. He was quite excited as he got five of his newest song on the list and he would perform them live for the first time in his tour.  The tour reached 30 cities, wherein fans greeted him with smiles on their faces as they listened to his music.  Tim said that topping his concerts over and over again are getting even harder than before since he needs to be creative and add something new.

In 2015, he called his tour as the Shotgun Rider, which he unveiled the dates at the start of the New Year.  This tour includes Billy Currington & Chase Bryant, who are among the biggest names in the music industry.  The tour runs from June 9 to September 19 and it started in Little Rock, AR.  The trio had a wonderful concert tour. 

Tim McGraw Concert Photo

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Future Plans

Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill plans to go back on a concert tour this 2017, wherein they did announced it during the live show at Ryman Auditorium.  They plan to start by April, but didn’t know yet when it would end.  They are planning to do a number of songs in the concert tour and perhaps get some other artist to join them onstage.  After 2017, it is expected that they would embark on a new tour since they have been doing that almost every year and fans really love him for that.  Who knows, who would be in it and what songs would be included, but one thing is certain, fans would watch and love it.

Mcgraw got his first acting career in 1997, it was just a TV show called “The Jeffworthy TV Show”, wherein he plays as the antagonist of the leading man.  Then, in 2004, he did a movie called Black Cloud and played as a sheriff.   Over the course of the year, he had done several acting jobs in which, his most memorable movie was Flicka since he is the leading man in that movie.   He is open to an acting career since he had proven that he could act.  Of course, he can’t get away from his music career as he has served as an executive producer for the soundtrack of the movie, Flicka.

There is also a possibility that he would run in the politics in the future as he has stated in one interview back in 2014.  No doubt, he would have to learn and experience a lot of things before he can do that, but, the politics would surely be one of his goal when he is older.  Of course, he would need to wait till then since his kids might not be ready with the problem that comes with politics, so he needed them to grow up first before he could run for a sit in the Governor or even as Senator.