Interesting Facts About Tim McGraw

  1. He comes from a broken family –  Heritage doesn’t dictate what you would become in the future since it mean that you would be limited to whatever other people thinks of you.  Remember, most people don’t know you and they would keep on talking about you, if you are going to get affected then you would go nowhere.  Tim Mcgraw just did that and now he has proven that as long as he got talents and dreams, nothing can stop him.  Being the husband of one of the best singers in the world surely helps him to pursue his career.   At least, now, most people would know him since he is the husband of Faith Hill, who is well known in the music industry.
  2. He is able to forgive his father for leaving him – not everyone could do this as some holds a grudge against the person who leaves them in their hours of need. When he was 11 years old, he found out that his real father is Tug Mcgraw, who was a professional baseball player.   He was introduce to Tug by his mother.  For seven years, Tug didn’t accepted him as a son, but finally got his wish to get treated as a son when he was already 18 years old.
  3. His friends didn’t like it whenever he was singing then – it happened during his college years as he was just starting to sing during that time. He was staying at the dorm and his colleague would often hide his guitar to prevent him from singing.  But, that didn’t stop him to pursue his dream and he became successful in the music industry.
  4. He got into dispute with his first record company – he started his career with Curb Records in 1990, but got into an argument as he didn’t like how the record company treats him. The record company even sue him and he filed a complaint against them too.
  5. He bounced back to stardom and started his career all over again – After the dispute with Curb Records, he signed in with Big Machines, who produced some of his successful Album. It proves that there is always a rainbow after the rain.
  6. He had produce several albums – His talent is not limited to singing as he has proven that he could start his own company and produce several album under it. As a man, we need to go further to our comfort zone since that would bring out the best in us.
  7. He got a career in acting – His talent as a singer is no doubt he is already successful, but in 1997, he had proven that he can be more than that as he had something new to pursue.  He started acting and he was fortunate enough to be included in several movies since then.  Actually, he went on to be a star in one of his movie, Flicka, where he is the father of the lead actress.
  8. Like father like son – Tim never grow up alongside his real father, but he like playing baseball and other sports. At that time, he don’t know that his father was a professional baseball player.   It was all new to him, yet he manage to find his way through sports.  Though, he may not be as good as his father, he really enjoys playing sports during his college days.
  9. He attended two colleges, but never finished his studies – He attended Northeast Louisiana University, wherein he becomes part of a fraternity. It was a knee injury that convince him to drop out of college and move to Nashville.  When his mother went on to Florida, he went there to study at the Florida Community College.  He dropped out of college eventually to pursue his singing career.
  10. He has given something back to the community – As he become famous, he never forgets about the community as he had raised some money to help the poor. Perhaps one of his favorite charitable deeds was when he and his wife hosted several concerts to raise the money for victim of the Hurricane Katrina.  They even started a foundation that would help the needy in the event of a natural disaster.  Aside from that, he also serves in the American Red Cross, dedicating his time, skills, and fame, to help the Red Cross.