Top 10 Songs Of Tim McGraw

Choosing a handful of top song on the hit chart is always difficult since there is too much to consider.   Of course, you need to include a lot of things in there, so it would be hard.  For someone who has been in the music industry for two decades like Tim Mcgraw, you would have a lot of choices, but these songs are my top choices.

The Cowboy in Me

Back in November 2001, this song was the number 1 hit since it clearly outshines Joe Medissina’s Bring On The Rain (in the second spot). The song was written by Al Anderson Jeffrey Steele, and Craig Wiseman.   This was the third single from the album “Set This Circus Down”.  Lots of people have watched a cowboy movie before and this certainly sets the mood for those movie.  This song made them relate to all those western movies that they used to watch when they were younger.

It’s Your Love

Love is truly wonderful as it separates us from animals, who just feels lust every time they have sex with their partner. This song was performed with his wife, Faith Hill and was among the top 10 on the pop charts when it was first released. He performed this song with his wife while she was pregnant.  The song was so romantic that it stayed on top of the charts for six long weeks. The song will set your mood to love as it was performed by a couple, who is clearly in love with one another.

Grown Men Don’t Cry

Men don’t want to express their feelings since it has always been associated with being weak, but, sometime is a way to ease your pain. This song was part of the 2001’s album  “Set This Circus Down”.  It was written down by Steve Seskin and Tom Douglas, it was among the songs that have been played over and over since it was a favorite among people, who is emotional at that time for whatever reasons.  It graced the top 1 Billboard‘s Hot Country Singles chart and manage to be in the No. 25 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Live Like You Were Dying

In 2004, this song was released and became an instant hit since it talks about a person, who is out of his breathe.  The lyrics were sad as it is about a man, who have a terminal disease, waiting for the day that he would die.  Most people that heard the song have a sad story in their life and this song made them cry as it tackles the sad moment in their life.  For Tim Mcgraw, who loses his father back in 2004, this was the emotional song that help him to get over the death of his real father Tug Mcgraw.  It is the number 1 top song for seven weeks and landed a number 4 spot on Adult Contemporary chart.

Highway Don’t Care

Highway Don’t Care – was his collaboration with fellow singers Taylor Swift and Keith Urban, it was among the greatest event in 2013. Every artists got their own style and those two certainly manage to capture the heart of lots of people because each of them got their own style.  That is what separate the real stars, from those, who is singing in most houses.  The song got a powerful music video, which cuts right through the heart as you listen to it.  It was on the number 1 spot for a number of days before it got replaced by a new song.

My Best friend

In 1991, most radio stations always play the music video as it is among the favorite for the time being. It was that same year, wherein he won the “CMA Male Vocalist of the Year” and manage to dominate the airways.  This song is a popular choice for most wedding dance receptions.

Just To See You Smile

At one point in our life, we have love someone and truly love is something that is beautiful. The very sight of the person that we love makes our heart happy.  However, it is also a bittersweet subject since we don’t usually get what we want, there would be times that we would lose in the game of love.  The song is among the favorite of men and women, who were not as lucky in love as his love chooses someone else.   Knowing that your love is happy with the man they love is something that would make you cry, but most men don’t want to show their emotion since for them, it is a sign of weakness.

Please Remember Me

Many classics are being revive since they have been popular at one point and could capture the hearts of many. This old song was revived by Tim Mcgraw and was penned by Rodney Crowell.  This is one of the few emotional songs that he did and it is about the death of a love one.

Don’t Take The Girl

1994 was the year when he released this hearty song. It was about a tale of love as little Johnny first learn about fishing, he then falls in love with a girl in his little barrio, but wasn’t lucky to get noticed by the girl that he love. We all want to be loved back by our love ones, but there are times that we don’t get what we want and this song is about that.   Before, you can be a real man, you need to face some harsh reality in life like not getting the person that you love, but you need to stay strong and pursue your interest.

My Next Thirty Years

Mcgraw was already 34 years old when his wife Faith Hill.  The song was part of the album A Place in the Sun that was released in the summer of 2000.   It was about, who is planning his life and it stayed on the top chart for five weeks, this earns it a place in the Top 10 songs by Tim Mcgraw.